Sushiswap Exchange Info, Trading Volume

Exchange NameSushiswap
Volume (24H) $43,797,342.61
2,072.56 BTC
Established Year2020
Sushiswap exchange 24 hours trading volume is $43,797,342.61 (2,072.56 BTC). Sushiswap is established in year 2020. The cryptocurrency exchange is located in N/A

Today in Sushi community analytics:

πŸ’° Stablecoins 🍣

Which are the dominant stable coins on Sushi? How did the $UST crash impact the markets?

πŸ’‚β€β™€οΈ Sushi Guard πŸ›‘οΈ

Sushi Guard protects you from MEV attacks and pays your tx fees, using OpenMEV by @foldfinance

Here’s how to enable it for your next swap:

Would Sushi benefit from a rebranding? πŸ€”

- Replace Japanese names with English.

- Keep the Current Japanese Names.

- Mix Both Japanese & English Names Together.

πŸ“– Read insightful reviews of latest proposals from the Sushi Forum


What are Limit Orders within Sushi?

- Offers a way to place trades for any rate of a given token pair

- Earn a yield on funds deposited in BentoBox 🍱

Learn more πŸ‘‡


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